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Nov 18, 2017 (#Misc)

Well it's been almost two months since I last updated this blog. I guess now is as good a time as any to make an update.

I started an internship doing IT work at Brooklet Elementary School, and it's going very well so far. They're talking about hiring me to do some contract work after my internship ends! Hopefully it will eventually lead to a full-time position, but if not, at least I can make some money for the holidays and it's another thing I can put on a resume.

I'm still working on my archive of America Online member areas, and I found a couple neat areas just the other day. AOL is changing some mail settings today and AOL Instant Messenger is going away on December 14th, so it will be interesting to see what happens with the old AOL service. I hope it sticks around so I can keep discovering more abandonded areas, but there is less of a reason for me to use the AOL software with the instant messaging going away. I liked having my e-mail and IMs all in one place (even though AIM is pretty empty these days). Here's a little preview of what will be in the AOL Archive:

My ThinkPad 600 is finally running Windows 95, after a long process trying to get the drivers installed. The PC card drivers wouldn't "stick" until I reinstalled Windows and set everything up in a certain order. Installing the PC card drivers after everything else caused them do disappear after a reboot, for whatever reason. I also got another dev server, since the one I had been using bit the dust.

So yeah, that's what's been going on here. Lots of new and exciting things. Oh, and don't forget to check out my newest section, nick99nack's CD Universe!

Oct 10, 2017 (#Misc)

Happy New Year 2017!

Dec 3, 2016 (#Misc)

November is finally over. I repeat: November is finally over!

It seemed like the month that would never end. Between school, Thanksgiving (which I didn't even get to spend with my family this year), roofers, contractors, being sick *twice* and still not having a bedroom since the storm, it's finally over. Thank God.

I just have a few finals to take, and then I'm off to Orlando! After that, back to NJ to spend time with family for Christmas and New Years, which I'm very much looking forward to. Elly was supposed to go to Florida with me, but she just got a new job and will unfortunately have to miss it .

December is going to be a busy month. I wanted to do some cleaning up of this site (it's a mess behind the scenes. There's code all over the place), but I may have to wait until the new year. That being said, I'm looking forward to this month. I sure hope it's a good one!


Nov 11, 2016 (#Misc)

Yep, I made Slingo Player of the Month! I did NOT expect this! A big thank you to the Slingo Staff and fellow players that made this possible.

Player of the Month Achievement

As far as the house goes, not too much has changed. The roof still has tarps over it, but they are supposed to start work on the 14th (this coming Monday).

As for me, my classes have been going well, and I've been restoring an IBM ThinkPad T20 laptop back to full working order. I'm almost done and it works (I'm using it to write this!), but I need some new screw caps since the old ones lost their glue. I'll post pictures as soon as it's done. I also have a trip to Disney World in less than a month!

Now, it's late, so I'm off to bed.

Until next time,


P.S. To the people rioting because Trump won: You all look and sound like a bunch of little kids whining and destroying things because you didn't get your way. You can't always get what you want. You complain that Trump will "destroy America", yet that's exactly what you're doing right now. I am appalled at your behavior, and I am ashamed that we are of the same species.

Aug 30, 2016 (#Misc)

Ahh, what a nice day. I think it may have sprinkled a bit, but otherwise it's sunny and a perfect 82 degrees. I'm just sitting outside at Ogeechee Tech, pondering my thoughts for the day and enjoying the weather.

Ogeechee Tech Outside

I can't believe it's almost September already! I am NOT looking forward to winter. At least I'll be down south for most of it and have a trip to Disney to look forward to in mid-December.

I have a new laptop coming soon. As much as I like my current ThinkPad T42, I needed something a bit more powerful so I could run Office 2013 for school. I also have a new commercial-grade VHS deck too with Dolby noise reduction, adjustable tracking, and more. Should come in handy for transferring some old VHS tapes to DVD. It needs a bit of work but I think I can get it going again. I know it needs a new bulb behind some VU meters and I think some of the old lubricant dried out as it won't pull the tapes in the machine anymore (it gets most of the way inside but then gets stuck). Pics and updates to come as soon as I have the time to work on it.

Finally, I have something I've wanted for a long time on its way. I won't reveal what it is yet, but I'll be sure to post about it when it gets here!


Nick (nick99nack)